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  • Name: Mary
  • Age: 44
  • Location: London
  • Problem: Dark spots and acne marks

This is a fantastic product for skin rejuvenation. I noticed visible results after only the first time of use and now I use the mask twice a week. I used to hate my dark spots and acne marks. My skin was so red and ugly and I had to put a lot of make-up to cover the spots and redness. Thanks to this product I feel beautiful again! This mask saved my social life! Now I am much more confident and positive! Thank you, Bio Lab!

  • Name: Kim
  • Age: 56
  • Location: Brighton
  • Problem: Wrinkles on neck

Since I have been using Bio Lab Mask, To make the skin of my neck smooth, I no longer need to cover myself as an old lady. The mask gave me a younger look and confidence to wear more sexy clothes as I used to. This thing can change lives!

  • Name: Helga
  • Age: 44
  • Location: Leeds
  • Problem: Broken capillaries

This mask is the next proof, that natural cosmetics is much better that any cream you can buy. I have been fighting the broken capillaries on my face for years and I have paid insane amounts of money looking for a magic cream to take them away. And guess what – nothing ever worked! The efficiency of this mask is bigger than the total effect of all creams, I have tried in my life. Believe me, it is a myth, that natural methods are weak and ineffective. Try the mask of Bio Lab and see how powerful it is!

  • Name: Antony
  • Age: 38
  • Location: Norwich
  • Problem: Acne scars

I read about Bio Lab Mask in the Internet and decided to try it after all positive feedback, although I was a little worried that it would not work for men's skin. Only after a few weeks I am sending my feedback because I would like to help other men. It definitely works for us too! My scars are really disappearing! I am very satisfied, I have been fighting for years the acne scars I have since I was a teenager. In this short period my scars have decreased and the spots on my skin are fading away with every day! My skin is so much healthier, and smooth! I give it an A+ mark! Thank you, Bio Lab, that you haven't forgotten about us, men!!

  • Name: Nina
  • Age: 30
  • Location: Lancaster
  • Problem: black spots, clogged pores and greasy skin

A brilliant product! I have no words to praise it enough! This product really helps. I have tried EVERYTHING for black spots and closing the pores and I really mean everything. A few weeks ago I found this in the Internet and decided to try it. It was worth it!
You have to apply the mask on a clean face, otherwise there will be no effect. A thin layer on your skin will dry for one-two minutes but leave it for 20 minutes (as the instructions say). After that the mask literally sucks the pores. It tingles a little, but it is not a problem. My skin got slightly red (I guess for apparent reasons – the mask kills the bacteria and all this nasty things) for about an hour, so you'd better use it during the night.

Try it out!

  • Name: Jenny
  • Age: 48
  • Location: Bradford
  • Problem: Baggy eyes and dark circles

I am genetically predisposed to having baggy eyes and dark circles and I have been covering them with a corrector until now. I have been doing it for years and this only masked them and in fact made the problem worse. I was looking for a solution and I found this mask. I have been using it for less than two weeks but I already notice a big improvement. The mask is in a very convenient packaging and is easy to apply. I don't understand why the shops do not stock this product. I finally started to look healthy. Before I used to look like a raccoon. At this price, the product is a god's gift against baggy eyes and dark circles. A solution much better that the corrector.

  • Name: Donald
  • Age: 25
  • Location: Coventry
  • Problem: Stretch marks

This mask is unbelievable! I have been using it for just over a month and it definitely shows positive results. I have finally found a product that really helps against stretch marks! To be honest, my mother bought this mask for me. This thing makes the skin tight and smooth in only a few weeks! I am 25 and I had terrible red stretch marks on my back since puberty – I grew too fast when I was 16-17. I have been ashamed to undress at the beach for years. Before I used this mask nothing ever helped. It is great, I recommend it to everyone who has problems with stretch marks and scars, there is a result after the first week! Only after a month I almost have no scars on my back, I continue to use it! Thank you! My respect to the doctors!!

  • Name: Anna
  • Age: 24
  • Location: York
  • Problem: Acne

I started visiting dermatologists since I was 12. I have tried everything. Pills, peeling, lasers, home remedies, herb treatment and the list goes on. I went to see a very respectable doctor and specialist in face dermatology. In the middle of the consultation she turned to me and said: "Dear, you have tried everything, I am not sure I can help". I had never before realized how much I have been through. I entered the doctor's office confident and I was left with no hope. She was right, there was nothing she could offer me that I hadn't already tried. At that moment I had two options – stop fighting or undergo treatment with very serious medication. Fortunately in the middle of all this chaos I found the wonderful site of Bio Lab. And it really happened! I regained hope after the very first time I used the mask on my ill skin. In only a month this gave me the confidence for my skin that I had never had during the years growing up. All my life I had been fighting the troubling acne and now I want to thank the specialists in Bio Lab, for changing things for me. I have recommended this mask to everyone in my family and friends. Guys from Bio Lab, I love you!!